The WORLD'S FIRST Autonomous Hybrid UUV/UAV Drone!!!
The WORLD'S FIRST Autonomous Hybrid UUV/UAV Drone!!!

Underwater Inspection

Imagine that you need to inspect a bridge or pier footing after an earthquake. Instead of sending a man-lift and a diver, you safely send SubMurres from a safe distance.  Equipped with a camera and transmitter, SubMurres takes off from land and fly around the structure, sending real-time video or pictures back to your laptop. SubMurres then lands on the water, submerges, then continues its inspection underwater.  

When the inspection is completed, SubMurres rises back to the water surface, then flies back to its starting point.  Workers are not put at risk during the operation.


Additional scenarios for underwater inspection can include:

  • Ship hull or seawall damage
  • Oil rig structures
  • Floating bridge substructures
  • Submerged vehicles and other objects
  • General search and rescue
  • Industrial drainage outfall
  • River channel changes after flood events


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